I make paintings that explore domestic rituals and routines, their relation to larger political narratives, and the tension that emerges in that relationship.

These paintings reference ideas of iconography and artifacts and different kinds of visual representation. Subjects are reimagined within the frame of contemporary political landscapes.

My practice considers the material and medium of its creation and occasionally includes post-industrial materials when drawing from traditional methods of making.

I aim to explore what is real, what is really experienced, and what is indistinguishable.

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Temple University, Tyler School of Art 

Bachelor of Arts, Visual Studies 

Minor in Political Science, 2017

Magna Cum Laude 3.82

Temple Rome, 2015



2019 Put this in your window and think of me, Cambridge University, UK

2019 Featured Artist, La Baguette Magique, West Chester 

2017 Translation, Tyler School of Art,  Philadelphia 

2016 Visual Studies, Stella Elkins Gallery,  Philadelphia 

2016 Manifest Destiny, Site Specific Installation,  West Chester 

2015 Eternal Love, Non-Catholic Cemetery, Roma

2015 Mini-Bienelle, Temple University Roma

2015 Student Showcase, Temple University Roma

2013 No Excuse, Site Specific Installation , Philadelphia 



2019 Arts Territory Exchange 

2017- 2023 Artist Residency in Motherhood 



2016 Bodies – Philadelphia student show for all open to all universities and art departments 



2022 Phoenixville First Fridays

2022 Look Around Festival 

2022 InLiquid Art for the Cash Poor



2019-21 Arkive Art Section Editor

2018-20 - Journal of Mother Studies